2 new poems published in the Avocet

Turquoise Eyes

howling through the blackest part of night
damp nostrils inhales the moon
silver molding the shape of their song
turquoise eyes cry out for harmony
as voices peal across the earth
a universal language floating on the wind
beckoning to the deepest part of light
and to the humble sleeping spirit
of all living things

Fake Smells

behind these walls
annoying lights flicker
a singular flame 
 attempts escape
 tick tocks 
 tick tocks
white noise is suffocating
beneath night’s cape
foxes hunt
coyotes beckon
stars breathe
should go out and play
with the ‘rousing moonlight
where the autumn dogs
don’t give a damn
about work deadlines
or silly jar candles
laced with fake scents

Turquoise EyesPublished in, ‘Avocet Magazine,’ a marvelous print journal paying homage to nature and its beauty

wolf created a few years ago using prisma pencil and dabs of acrylic

16 thoughts on “2 new poems published in the Avocet

  1. See! I told you so: Poet. ‘Nuff said. (But of course I have more to say, LOL.) Really though, that’s poetry.

    Love the artwork, AnnMarie, just as I love wolves. I blew this one up so I could really look at the wonderful detail, especially those turquoise eyes, which you’ve captured so beautifully. You really know how to catch the “animal spirit” or personality. Do you have wolves in your neck of the woods? I’m just curious because I think you’ve done them in other poses before, right? This one is exquisite.


    • We have coyotes – lots of ’em – there have been sightings of wolves – but no real families.
      I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my friend – Rocky the Shepherd is my wolf muse. He is a ham and likes posing. I explained to him that I’m using his pics to bring out his ancestral qualities. He never minds, unless he’s been fibbing all these years. I love wolves too – their familial ways. And, of course, their breathtaking elegance and wise faces…
      AM 🙂
      ps don’t tell anyone my secret 😉
      As far as the poetry – I’m really on the fence. Not sure if the words sound the same to others as they do to me…not extremely confident in that department. I put some stuff out there and hope it doesn’t come back and hit me in the face 🙂


      • Your secret is safe with me, 🙂 Rocky is a good model, that’s for sure! As for poetry, put it out there — your words sound exactly the same to others as they do to you, perhaps more so (I hope that makes sense). We need more poetry in this world and less politics (speaking of which, we got up this morning anxious about the Senate/House vote last night to keep the govt. running; if it hadn’t passed, my husband would have had to go into work, only to be told to go home — and his paycheck would be late this month, and we don’t need that! Thank heavens they voted to keep business running).


      • I’m so sorry you have to be yoyo’ed by the government – I wish those men and women would look up once in a while and remember they share the same roof.
        Thanks for the sweet words – you’re too kind – as always 🙂
        AnnMarie 🙂
        it’s off to Max’s all day tournament…weeee…

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