after image, new poem published

new poem, after image, in NowthenMagazine, October Issue, Word Life Section
this is a wonderful magazine, honored to be included in the October issue

after image

when you close your eyes and fall asleep
your mouth changes
your lower lip sets back
like the life holding it in place has let go
can’t help but imagine this is the face whose cheek
I’ll tenderly kiss
when your body ceases

behind this thought comes another
I desperately hold

your beautiful face not defined by age
rather your brilliant smile and eyes
infused with the will of a thousand newborns

AM Roselli

9 thoughts on “after image, new poem published

  1. Hey AnnMarie hope you are well. I am hanging in there. Tough times don’t last but tough guys do. I can’t wait for your next book. I am the coolest kid in the neighborhood because I got ‘Love Of The Monster’ autographed by ‘The’ AnnMarie. I see a lot of jealous guys and women. Thanks for sending me the book that was real nice of you. Keep up the good work. You are my hero!

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