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This piece is based on the night my father passed away. I can’t believe it will be a year this November since he left us. On the night of my dad’s death, all emergency responders were nothing short of amazing🌹


was it your choice
choosing sleep to die in
I watched them
watched them dad
in your mint bedroom
trying to make your chest say something
while your mouth was bound with elastic
and a pump shoved down your throat
screaming in my head


he’s gone

leave him be

it goes on like this for an hour
or nearly so
not pronounced dead
until the white sheet
in the emergency room

was that for us
was that for you
maybe for them
still unsure

I kissed your cheek
not entirely unwarm
you look good dad

not dead
not cold
just quiet

10 thoughts on “unwarm

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie my lovely friend. I sold my dvds for 94 bucks. I wrote 5 chapters of a new horror book. I am watching the Celtics. Having these coping skills has helped. I am excited about the book. I am more calm and less anxious. My depression is going away with the book. I like writing long books but right now I am writing short novels which is cool too and new to me. I am feeling better. AnnMarie=Number One!

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